Community Pricing

If we keep prices low - there will be more togetherness

$0.30 per active member per month

You only pay for active members in your community.

There is no risk that you pay for inactive people.

If we don’t help you activate, we get nothing.

Why not 100% free?

Well, we don’t have an ad model that sells your integrity and targets ads at you (like the “so called free” social apps).

We are just a small team in the North who believe in togetherness. If you think that trust, safety and simple design are important for your members, we provide a fresh alternative.


Small Firm Intranet with 12 employees, 10 active = $3/month

Youth Team (Club) with 25 parents, 20 active = $6/month

Co-Living Space with 40 members, 30 active = $9/month

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