the nordic puls

Need to put the pulse back into your tribe?

We help CEOs and HR put the pulse back into their company. With a step-by-step action plan and a vibrant online community your company emerges even stronger from covid 👍

*we spell it like this

The PULS package turns 'remote work' into 'close work'

Video calls

PREMIUM audio video call. One-to-one or Group Calls. Invite guests. Secure. Know who is in the call. Easily invite - no "searching for 10 minutes before call even starts".

Social Feed

Keep the PULSE. Update your team. Company shout outs. Link to Google Drive, Office 365, iCloud docs and discuss. Celebrate victories. Do deep and thoughtful work with collegues.


Safe messenger. Have quick conversations with collegues. Clean Scandinavian style design. Cut through red tape and avoid the bog-down of long email threads. Invite consultants, partners and gigsters safely.

Digital Rooms

Team, projects, companies - Easily manage access. Inform all. Hold townhall meetings. Lead. And then focus inside rooms for projects and specific teams. Store documents. Or host the trail running club.

FREE apps - iOS and Android

You are up in minutes. Regardless of iOS or Android. And of course there is a web app as well for those of us who like BIG screens : )

Webinar/hangout style studio (BETA)

This is exiting, very secret but promising project. Ping us and we might tell you more...; )

contact me and tell me more, please 👍

💭 your company here...

your company pulse

everyone ☑️ seen ☑️ informed ☑️ engaged


We named this package after the Swedish word puls. It means heartbeat, pulse, pulsation of the heart. A fitting name for what this package helps you achieve - a vibrant, living team and company.


Carefully built in the North 🌲

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Video calls - 1-to-1 or Group

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Social feed to boost company pulse!

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All your communication in one simple place

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Easy search - documents and conversations

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Upload documents and other assets

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One-to-one or Group Chat

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Desktop, Tablet or Mobile Phone

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Your brand, name and color

want to know the steps?

Contact me! I am curious ✋

Companies are often good at task-lists. But it's culture and leadership that decide your tomorrow...

People need to feel the why of the company. That they matter to the mission. That their contribution and creativity is seen. People are the pulse of the company.

😀 Oh, and did we say? Your own PULS is only 30 cents per active user/mth. That is what we call reassuringly* affordable.

*only active members cost. And pleaaaase compare us to other comparable solutions. They are often 10x this cost.

ready to get back on mission? Drop us an email 🙂

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