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Reach πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ Sweden's 80 000 most committed golfers in one place

With us, you reach Sweden's most committed Golfers. Cost-efficiently. No media leakage. No middlemen. No opaque algorithms. Just members with a love of Golf!

Golfmarknaden is Sweden's most dedicated golf community. With us, you can instantly reach over 80,000 committed golfers who are highly active, generating 42,000 visits per week.

Our packages include access to Golfmarknaden's Facebook group, where our members trade up on used and new golf equipment. Additionally, you'll be featured on Golfmarknaden's business page on Facebook, our website, newsletters, and our new community initiative on Swedish haaartland, which includes 'community TV' and special deals, among other things.

we help you reach the Swedish golfer

Travel or Destination

Reach out with your trips. Weekend packages. Christmas journeys. Sell your last-minute spots to a grateful target audience.


Golfers as guests? Fill your bookings with Swedish golfers. Perfect for hotels in regional golf hotspots.

eCommerce store

Drive new traffic to your online store. Secure the first-time purchase. Let our members discover you and your offers.

Golf coach/Courses

Teach the Swedes! Have courses or programs? Reach golfers that travel and want to learn while on vacation.


Have long-stay packages? What better place to position them than in our community? We can feature you, get you listed and more to get people to discover you.

Real estate, investments projects

Reach just right the buyers for your projects or listings. Our members are committed golfers who make the golf-life a priority

Big tournament

Attract the right visitors. Create buzz. Amplify your event easily by talking to our community of 80k Swedish Golfers.

perfect to drive sales

Community Deals

Get your perfect offer in front of 80,000 Swedish Golfers. Pay as you go, month by month. Include your offer, brand, pitch, price, and link to your booking, e-commerce or product page

Our members are totally committed to Golf. They travel, constantly improve their game, buy new gear, trade in used equipment, buy clothing, read up, and watch tournaments. Out of the 500,000 golf players in Sweden, we boast the most committed core.

Position your brand easily

Sponsorbar - tie your brand to the community

Our sponsor solutions make it super simple to position your brand with the community. Own the uninterrupted attention of the individual member for one whole session. Connect you brand with the mission of the community.

Reaching niche audiences has become increasingly difficult. The high ticket 'Golf-audience' is no different. This is why 'community reach' is such a gamechanger. Here you know that you talk to Golfers, and only Golfers. Your marketing euros are working in exactly the right place.

Plus, you are helping a niche community thrive and get stronger.

your own show with golfers as audience

Go live πŸ”₯ with Community TV

Our most luxurious format is Community TV. It's a bit like TV, but within our community, and the audience can participate. Up to 600 people are in the room. Meet your fans and customers directly in a demo/ask-me-anything/discussions. Invite expert and pros up on stage. Allow our members to meet them. Use your brand assets to design the whole studio experience. Make deal-drops in the chat. Drive sign-ups for your newsletter. Record it. Use the recording as evergreen content for your brand.


Note! Introductory prices for bookings made during September.

Deal Package - from 198 euro/month

Sponsor Package - from 298 euro/month

Community TV - from 2000 euro/month

Our goal is always for you, as an advertiser, to achieve the most direct and most welcome reach to our members. You know that you are reaching golfers and no one else. Our members receive really great offers and partnerships in pleasant formats from brands that care. We call it community-driven advertising.

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